Pharmacy Refrigerator PRQ 8011

Under-Counter Pharmacy Refrigerator PRQ 8011 is climate class N type, micro-processor controlled equipped with LED lights for parameters observation, 40C cooling performance and alarm failure systems ensuring the efficiency and reliability of the product.

Capacity 75L
Temperature Range 2°C to 8°C
Ambient Temperature 10°C ~ 32°C
Interior Dimensions (W*D*H) 444*440*536 mm
Shelf Number 3
Rated Power 129W
Input Power 152W
Power Consumption 1.5kWh/24hr.
Insulation Thickness 50mm
Current 0.69A
Power Supply 220V/50Hz; 220V/60Hz; 110V/60Hz
Exterior Dimensions (W*D*H) 540*560*764 mm
Package Size (W*D*H) 580*600*815 mm
Net Weight 41kg
Gross Weight 44kg
  • R600a is the refrigerant used in these refrigerators. The interior material and exterior material is made of aluminum plate with spraying and powder coated material
  • Equipped with branded compressor, automatic defrosting system, high efficiency air-cooled condenser, finned evaporator ensuring fast refrigeration
  • The doors are provided with heater to clear the frost automatically and casters with levelling feet to move the device effortlessly. The provided USB data logger can record every 10 min with recording time 2 years
  • Equipped with alarm systems such as high/low temperature, high ambient temperature, power failure, low battery, sensor error, door ajar, built-in data logger USB failure, main board communication error

Widely used for storage of biological products, vaccines, drugs, reagents and used in pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, centres for disease prevention & control, clinics, etc.