Pharmacy Refrigerator PRQ 8004

Pharmacy Refrigerator PRQ 8004 is a 406 L microcomputer controlled unit with an adjustable temperature range varying from 2 °C to 8 °C. Integrated with digital screen for visual monitorisation of parameters. Heated double pane glass door prevents condensation. Features a password protected lockable keyboard to avoid unwanted change in parameters.

Volume 406 L
Temperature 2 °C ~ 8 °C
Internal dimension 685 x 425 x 1380 mm
Power 230 W
Shelf number 4
Basket 1
Ambient temperature 10 °C ~ 32 °C
Temperature controller Microprocessor
Display Digital displays
Direct cooling Air cooling
Frost No frost
Refrigerant R134a
Evaporator Finned evaporator
Evaporator material Aluminium pipe and fin
Inside material Color sprayed steel
Outside material Color sprayed steel
Insulation PURF
Sensor NTC
Voltage 220 V / 50 Hz
External dimension 785 x 552 x 1880 mm
Weight 115 kg
  • Digital screen for easy parameter viewing
  • Adjustable shelves for sample accommodation
  • Low E-heated frost free glass doors for better observation
  • Finned evaporator cooling system for frost free environment
  • Safety door lock avoiding unwanted interference
  • Even cooling distribution avoiding temperature fluctuations
  • Password protected lockable keyboard
  • Safe operational mode avoiding malfunctioning of temperature controller test point
  • Audio visual alarm ( thermostatic malfunction , power failure )
  • 150 L , 1000 L and 1500 L ( customizable )

Used for cold storage of medicines, bio-products, reagents, vaccines

Accessory NoAccessory
1.       Test hole
2.       Chart recorder
3.       Data logger
4.       Remote alarm port