Pharmacy Refrigerator PRG 8010

Pharmacy Refrigerator PRG 8010 is designed with high-accuracy computer-control temperature system a range of 2°C ~ 20°C. It is provided with various safety control systems, branded compressor and heat-eliminating fan along with calibrating function for environmental protection, temperature uniformity and easy maintenance.

Capacity 460L
Temperature Range 2°C ~ 20℃
Layers 5
Power 300W
Weight 100kg
Dimensions (W*D*H) 700*700*1860 mm
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
  • Provided with high-resolution Temperature Calibrating function which means that set-value figure can be displayed and calibrated at 0°C ~ 14°C
  • The Temperature display precision, resolution, adjusting increment and calibrating increment is 0.1°C
  • The circulation system is Forced cold-air circulation system with control fan ensuring the temperature uniformity inside the box
  • Equipped with import and adopt Danfoss/ Secop high-performance compressor, EBM heat elimination fan and fluoride-free refrigeration system for environmental protection
  • The high-quality adjustable stand of plastic coated steel wire will make the operation and cleaning easy
  • The refrigerator is made of high-quality steel plate which is treated with advanced phosphate rot-proof spray coating process
  • The material of the drawers is 304 stainless steel while shelves is ABS respectively
  • It is also available in wide voltage band of 187V-242V
  • It has double transparent insulation glazed door filled with inert gas
  • Equipped with safety control system like failure alarm system

Used for cold storage of medicines, bio-products, reagents, vaccines.