Medical Mobile Cooler MMC 4001

Medical Mobile Cooler MMC 4001 is designed for easy transportation of medical products or store the blood, plasma at three range of temperatures. Provided with functional and protective alarms for safety purposes to avoid any hazards to cause.

Capacity 80L
Temperature Range -25°C/4°C/22°C
Ambient Temperature 10°C~32°C
Noise 46dB
Shelves/Baskets Basket around Evaporator
Internal Dimensions 615*370*471.5 mm
External Dimensions 937*565*580.5 mm
Package Dimensions 1090*1129.5*1080 mm
Net Weight 47kg
Gross Weight 55kg
Power Consumption (kWh/24hr) 1.6
Current ADC 8A
Power 100W
Power Supply 220V/50Hz DC12V/24V
  • Provided with microprocessor temperature controller and digital display to check the temperature
  • The refrigerant used in this cooler is R134a and provided with a NTC sensor
  • The cooling method is forced air cooling and also combined with direct air cooling
  • The inside and outside material of the cooler is made of PE (polyethylene) material and PURF insulation
  • Manual Defrosting
  • The multiple voltage AC220V or DC12V/24V power supply of cigarette lighter is used only for blood transportation
  • Provided with Functional alarm audible and visible system, Keyboard can be locked and Protective alarms such as High/Low temperature, power failure, Sensor error and thermostat failure
  • The power failure backup system can support up to 8hrs
  • The three ranges of inner temperature support the system to be used as pharmacy refrigerator at 2°C~8°C, deep freezer at -10°C~ -25°C and incubator at 22°C ± 2°C

Used for the transportation and transfer of blood, serum, plasma, vaccine, reagents and special medicines in medical industry, can also be used as medicine pass for blood bank, epidemic prevention station, CDC etc. and logistics industry, pharmaceutical factory, genetic engineering.