-86 °C Chest Freezers MCQ 4009

-86°C Chest Freezers MCQ 4009 is perfectly designed chest freezers for storage of low temperature products with various features. It is space-saving and quiet freezer with an independent mixed refrigerant, dual insulation for saving energy which are optimal for laboratory and industrial use.

Capacity 668L
Temperature Range -10°C ~ -86℃
Internal Dimensions 1200*815*610 mm
External Dimensions 2033*1190*1037 mm
Inventory Rack 40
Inventory 2" Box 10*40=400
Inventory 2ml Vial 40000
Power 1950W
Power Supply 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
Net Weight 330kg
  • Provided with high-precision temperature control system and platinum resistor temperature sensors enables users to set temperature inside the cabinet within a range from -10°C ~ -86?
  • The internal material is of SUS 304 stainless steel, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, long service life and easy cleaning
  • The digital temperature display will simultaneously display the chamber temperature, power supply voltage, ambient temperature and other parameters
  • The turn-on delay and stopping interval protection function provided in this system can ensure reliable operation
  • For safety purposes it is equipped with multiple alarm functions, such as high temperature and low temperature alarm, door opening alarm, power outage alarm, abnormal voltage alarm, sensor failure alarm, low battery alarm, alarm of poor heat dissipation of condenser and system failure alarm can improve safety of storage
  • The refrigerant used is Freon-free, environmental friendly and the compressor supplied by an international famous brand ensure energy saving and high efficiency
  • Provided with CFC-free polyurethane foaming technology and thermal insulation layer can improve effect of thermal insulation to a large extent
  • The inner and outer doors are two-layer heat insulated foamed doors can prevent loss of refrigerating capacity in an effective way
  • Also equipped with keyboard lock function and password protection function can prevent any adjustment of operating parameters without permission

Used for storing virus, germs, blood cells, bacteria, plasma, biological products and applied in the field of scientific research, university laboratories, electronics industry, chemical industry, biological engineering, hospitals, blood banks, military industries, pelagic fishery companies, sanitation and anti-epidemic.