-40°C Chest Freezers CHQ 4001

-40°C Chest Freezers CHQ 4001 is perfectly designed chest freezers for storage of low temperature products with various features. They are space-saving and quiet freezers with an independent mixed refrigerant, dual insulation for saving energy which are optimal for laboratory and industrial use.

Capacity 228L
Temperature Range -15°C ~ -40℃ (±2℃@40℃)
Internal Dimensions 894*464*634 mm
External Dimensions 1100*780*900 mm
Power 500W
Power Supply 220V/50-60Hz/3.5A 110V/60Hz
Net Weight 76kg
  • The refrigerant used in this freezers is mixed refrigerant which is a combination of R23, R14, R600 and R29
  • Provided with double doors and inner doors with silicon gasket which does not become hard even at high temperatures like -100°C
  • The thermostat is given with digital display
  • The temperature control range -15°C to -40°C is ideal for tuna refrigeration
  • Provided with dual heat insulation structure in order to save energy and make it energy efficient
  • The internal material is of Food-Grad SUS 304 stainless steel and can be cleaned easily
  • For ensuring no cooling leakage the freezer is provided with dual gasket on the door
  • The cooling fan and compressor used in the freezer is of German condensation and world-class quality
  • The evaporator in the freezer is provided with all copper tubes
  • All the copper cooling system is of 0.8mm preventing refrigerant leakage
  • The specialty of this freezer is it can even work in an environment of temperature 38°C~42°C
  • For over temperature and system failures, it is equipped with acoustic and visual alarming system

Used for storing virus, germs, blood cells, bacteria, plasma, biological products and applied in the field of scientific research, university laboratories, electronics industry, chemical industry, biological engineering, hospitals, blood banks, military industries, pelagic fishery companies, sanitation and anti-epidemic.