Chest Cryogenic (-152ºC) Temperature Freezer CRQ 5500

Chest Cryogenic (-152ºC) Temperature Freezers CRQ 5500 is horizontal laboratory freezers equipped with touch screen digital temperature display, microprocessor controller with a control precision of ±1°C. They are provided with heat insulation, double seal design and foaming technology. The safety alarm systems provided enables a safe, efficient, reliable and easy operation. The refrigerating system in this series facilitates optimum cooling with low energy consumption.

Capacity 128L
Temperature Range -110℃~-152℃
Inventory rack 9
Inventory 2'' Box 81 pcs
Inventory 2ml Vial 8100 pcs
Internal Dimensions 510*460*540 mm
External Dimensions 1665*1000*1115 mm
Input Power 7597W
Net Weight 347kg
Power Supply 230V±10%/50Hz
  • The inner board is made of 304 stainless steel and outer board is of painted steel plates
  • Mixture Gas Refrigerant which is CFC free is used in this freezer
  • EBM Fan motor, Manual defrost system and branded compressor is used as refrigerating system
  • Provided with safety alarms: High/Low Temperature alarm, Power Failure alarm, Low Battery alarm, door open alarm, sensor error, system failure alarm, audible and visual alarm, condenser cooling failure
  • Also has keyboard lock and password protected configuration page, delayed start and safe stop interval between restart and being terminated
  • To record the data, it is equipped with temperature printer and can record up to 7 days
  • Provided with battery backup for 72 hour to printer and controller display
  • The lockable door with key is to prevent unauthorized access
  • Provided with 6 casters, access port ?40mm, two foaming lid and can record every 20 min upto 7 days with printer

Used in research and storage applications and mainly suitable for blood bank, hospitals, sanitation and anti-epidemic, sanitation, research institutes, electronic industries, university laboratories, military industries, pelagic fishery companies.