Combined Island Freezer ISF 3002

Combined Island Freezer ISF 3002 is equipped with micro-computer digital display controller for supervising the machinery working intelligently. This freezer maximizes the use of floor space with an end cabinet and mostly used as a standalone unit. The temperature range in this freezers is -18°C~ -22°C when compared to other island freezers.

Capacity 1100L
Temperature -18°C~ -22°C
Loading Quantity 40'HQ 24sets
Power 595W
Dimensions 2500*855*851 mm
Power Supply 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
  • Provided with built-in LED lights helps the user to view the frozen products
  • The toughened sliding LOW-E glass door can avoid condensation but with good insulation and display effect
  • R404A is the refrigerant used in this freezer along with imported Danfoss compressor and high efficiency copper heat-exchanger freezing fast and strongly
  • It has automatic heat defrost technology ensuring the quality of the food (the temperature is maintained at -15°C)
  • Due to its plug-in type structure, there will be no need of other installations. It can be moved easily and located independently
  • The style and color can be customized with respect to user’s requirements

Widely used in supermarkets, ice-cream parlors as well as health clubs to preserve storing frozen food, quick-freezing food, marine food, ice cream and so on.