Island Freezer ISF 1002

Island Freezer ISF 1002 is typically seen in supermarkets and large convenience stores. With the help of glass sliding lid or open top, large amount of frozen food can be displayed. This will help the customers to browse all the products easily. These cabinets maximize the promotion and view of the products present inside.

Capacity 858L
Temperature ≤-18°C
Loading Quantity 40'HQ 18sets
Power 830W
Dimensions 2500*840*920 mm
Power Supply 110~240V/50-60Hz
  • The refrigerant used in this freezer is R134a
  • Strong and fast freezing capability and have five sides cooling coil
  • It is designed with large capacity which can store large quantity of products instead of small refrigeration storage
  • Embraco/ Wanbo compressors are equipped with this freezer along with copper cooling coil and manual or computer controller
  • The steam-line design of this product makes it look elegant and luxurious
  • The toughened sliding LOW-E glass door can avoid condensation but with good insulation and display effect
  • The style and color can be customized with respect to user’s requirements

Widely used in supermarkets, ice-cream parlors as well as health clubs to preserve storing frozen food, quick-freezing food, marine food, ice cream and so on.