Cube ice maker CUBQ 1004

Cube ice maker CUBQ 1004 is a microprocessor controlled ice machine with automated detection and protection in case of water deficiency or system malfunctioning. Highly efficient fluoride-free compressor saves energy. Features a large bin type structure with large ice bin and ice storage capacity.

Ice making capacity 200 kg / 24 hr.
Ice storage 145 kgs
Power 860 W / 220 V
Ice shape Cube ice
Refrigerant R134a / R404a
Machine size 350 x 545 x 650 mm
Cabinet 565 x 800 x 900 mm
Net weight 71 kgs
Gross weight 79 kgs
  • Fully automated computer controlled
  • Automatic detection and protection against system malfunctioning
  • Fluoride-free compressor
  • Split type structure (large ice bin and large ice storage capacity)

Used in supermarkets and sea food markets, chicken processing, sea food and fishing industry, butcher shops, science experiments, biological pharmaceuticals, bakery, winery, chemical, construction, food, vegetables, deep-sea fishing, ice plant, medical, laboratory, mining, artificial ski field, catering etc.