Crescent ice maker CIQ 1001

Crescent ice maker CIQ 1001 is a modular intelligent ice maker unit with automated ice making process. It features an ice making capacity of 40 kgs / 24 hrs. Built-in ice-making control device makes the whole ice making process intelligent and convenient. Features efficient, large capacity ice production with big ice storage. Built-in removable water filter ensures sanitation, health and safety of ice. High density polyurethane foam maintains insulation thus reducing power consumption.

Ice making capacity 40 kg / 24 hr.
Ice storage 16 kgs
Power 350 W
Refrigerant R134a
Quantity of ice per time 90 pcs
Ice shape Crescent ice cubes
Ambient temperature 30 °C
Water temperature 30 °C
Weight of ice 8 g per piece
Power voltage 200 V ~ 240 V 50 Hz
220 V ~ 240 V 50 Hz
Dimensions 505 x 656 x 857 mm
Net weight 48 kgs
Gross weight 54 kgs
  • Dual flushing system ensuring efficient ice production
  • High density polyurethane foam ensures effective insulation
  • Reduces mineral build-up helping to produce clear, hard crescent cubes
  • Built-in removable water filter
  • Crescent shape, crystal clear ice output