-86 °C Dual System Upright Freezer DUQ 5551

-86 °C Dual System Upright Freezer DUQ 5551 is a 838 L microprocessor controlled unit with a dual independent cooling system working together to shorten the cooling time by 50 % and support the system incase either of one breaks down. Features intelligent control with auto diagnosis of malfunction. Password protected lockable keyboard prevents unwanted data changes. Dual lock design ensures system safety.

Capacity 838 L
Temperature range -40 ° to -86 °C
Interior dimensions ( W x D x H ) 894 x 718 x 1310 mm
Power 1475 W
Exterior dimension 1160 x 1135 x 1995 mm
Weight 275 kgs
  • Dual independent cascade system
  • Rapid dual cooling system shortening cooling time by 50%
  • Functional audio visual alarm
  • Lockable password protected keyboard
  • USB port for data derivation
  • Safety features ( temperature curve, alarm information, user management mode, auto diagnostic malfunction )

Used for long term preservation of virus, germs, vaccines, biological tissues, medicines, reagents and suitable for scientific research institution, biomedical, electronic and chemical industries