Chest cryogenic (-136 °C) freezer CRQ 4440

Chest cryogenic (-136 °C) freezer CRQ 4440 is a 105 L, horizontal laboratory freezer for safe storage and semi-permanent preservation of biological and laboratory specimens. It ensures long-term protection and preservation of sample integrity by storing samples below the recrystallization temperature of ice (-130°C) thereby retaining optimum cell viability. The fin fan cooler and mixed CFC-free cooling system facilitates optimum cooling with low energy consumption. The audio-visual temperature deviation alarm system and digital display enable easy operation.

Capacity 105 L
Loading capacity 20 pieces / 20' GP
Interior temperature ( adjustable ) ( -80 °C to -136 °C )
Cooling system Single stage refrigeration
Condenser Fin fan cooler
Refrigerant Mixed CFC-free refrigerants
Temperature display Digital
Evaporator Copper tube
Sensor Pt100
Alarm Audio-visual
Door handle material Aluminum
Door material Single foamed door
Door orientation Top open
Power supply 220 V / 50 Hz or 115 V / 60 Hz
Rated input 1 kW
Power consumption 13.50 kW.h / 24 h
Interior material Stainless steel
Exterior material Powder coated steel
Insulation thickness 150 mm
Interior dimensions ( W x H x D ) 410 x 550 x 460 mm
Exterior dimensions ( W x H x D ) 1140 x 930 x 760 mm
Weight 100 kgs
  • Single stage refrigeration system
  • Class I protection class
  • Rapid cooling rate
  • Digital temperature display for easy and accurate operation
  • CFC free mixed refrigerant and foaming agent ( environmental friendly )
  • Energy efficient preventing temperature fluctuations
  • Dual door sealing with insulation
  • Audio-visual temperature deviation alarm system ( customizable )
  • Lockable door to prevent unauthorized access

Used for long-term storage and safe preservation of biological samples, laboratory specimens and stem cells in clinical, medical and research institutes