Top press Vacuum Freeze Dryer TPFQ 3520

Top press Vacuum Freeze Dryer TPFQ 3520 is an electrical heating vacuum unit with a freeze drying area of 0.09 m2 and condensing temperature of -50 °C. Equipped with electrical heating shelf and sensor calibration function for rapid and accurate drying process. LCD operational panel makes monitoring of parameters easy. Transparent drying chamber helps in visualization of drying process.

Freeze drying area 0.09 m2
Product dimensions 630 x 580 x ( 970 + 540 ) mm
Condenser capacity 6 kg / 24 h
Condenser temperature - 50 °C
Trays 3 layers
Shelf temperature RT to 80 °C
Vacuum degree ˂ 10 Pa
Defrosting mode Off cycle defrosting
Cooling mode Air cooling
Refrigerant CFC free refrigerant
Bulk loading capacity ( 10 mm thickness ) 0.9 L
Vacuum pump flow rate 4 L / S ( 14.4 m3 / h )
Vial capacity (Φ 22 mm) 183
Vial capacity (Φ 16 mm) 345
Vial capacity (Φ 12 mm) 615
Power consumption 1.8 kW
Power supply 220 V / 50 Hz
110 V / 60 Hz
120 V / 60 Hz
Product material SUS304 stainless steel
Condenser size ( D x H ) Φ 270 x 400 mm
Drying chamber size Φ 300 x 540 mm
Tray size Φ 200 mm
Tray spacing 70 mm
Weight 165 kgs
  • LCD touch screen for parameter manipulation and observation
  • PLC controller with multiple built-in programs ( 36 segments each )
  • Transparent acrylic drying chamber for easy process observation
  • High speed vacuum pump
  • Optimum ice capture condenser function
  • Large capacity ice condenser trap with external coiling tubes
  • Checking, storage and modification of historical curves and records in real time
  • Login facility with multi-level password protection for sample security
  • Alarm system ( elevated temperature, error diagnosis, equipment maintenance)
  • Adjustable Pa or mbar vacuum degree display
  • Over-heating safety control system
  • USB interface to export data

Used in medicine, pharmacy, biology, pharmaceutical and food industry, research institutes, archaeological conservators, food and beverage industries for long term preservation of sample

Accessory NoAccessory
1Vacuum control valve
2Intake backfilling filter
3Air inlet pump filter
4Nitrogen inflation valve
5Eutectic point tester
6Electrical heating-defrosting mode
7Exhaust filter / oil mist pump filter
8Automated backfilling / drainage system
9Cascade refrigeration
10Stainless steel organic solvent sample chamber
11RS232 software