Production Scale Freeze Dryer for Food PFQ 8105

Production Scale Freeze Dryer for Food PFQ 8105 is designed for drying food. It has two chambers: pre-freezing chamber and drying chamber which are separated. These chambers can work simultaneously which improves the freeze-drying efficiency and shortens the freeze-drying time.

Shelf Area 52.92m2
Loading Capacity 500kg
Shelf Number 9+1 Layer
Shelf Size 4900*1200*15 mm
Shelf Spacing 80 mm
Trolley Number 3 Unit
Shelf-Temperature Control Range Ambient Temperature ~ +120℃
Max. Ice Capacity ≥750kg/batch
Condenser Temperature (no-load) ≤-50℃
Cooling Method Water Cooling, Water Temperature <30℃
Defrosting Type Spray+Soak
Final Vacuum <10Pa (no-load)
Installed Power 150kw
Cooling Water 80m3/hr.
Compressed Air (P=0.5~0.8Mpa) 30L/min
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) 7*8.5*3.2 m
Total Weight 29Ton
  • Equipped with Industrial embedded touch screen, Special modular controller, stable and reliable system, high control accuracy
  • Provided with alloy shelf, good temperature uniformity, radiation rate more than 90% and double-sided radiation heating
  • Equipped with drying curve optimization control which can control heating rate and vacuum degree in drying stage
  • It has high efficient refrigerant medium, high heat exchange efficiency and long service life
  • The system can be set-up with user level and password for preventing any unauthorized activities
  • To ensure the accuracy of long-term use, device is installed with precise sensor calibration
  • For strong water pumping ability and high drying efficiency, it is designed with good gas diversion and control technology
  • This system can save many groups of recipe and can adjust the process in real time for drying process which improves the process optimization rate
  • It has flexible control mode (Manual + Automatic). Manual mode is for groping process while Automatic mode is for batch production

Used widely for drying food such as Coffee, Fruit and juice, Vegetables, Meat, Fish & Seafood and many more.