This product Freeze Dryers have a large range of products separated based on the scales of production like large scale freeze dryers, pilot scale freeze dryers and production scale freeze dryers; based on the appearance like benchtop freeze dryers and floor top freeze dryers and also have vacuum freeze dryers. They are provided with high condensing capacities and versatile temperature range for ease of selecting the product based on the user requirements. Widely used in biomedical, biological and food processing industries.

Shelf Area1m2
Loading Capacity10kg
Shelf Number4+1 Layer
Shelf Size400*625 mm

Shelf Area5m2
Loading Capacity50kg
Shelf Number7+1 Layer
Shelf Size600*1200 mm

Shelf Area10m2
Loading Capacity100kg
Shelf Number9+1 Layer
Shelf Size1000*1120 mm

Shelf Area20.6m2
Loading Capacity200kg
Shelf Number8+1 Layer
Shelf Size1200*2150*15 mm

Shelf Area31.68m2
Loading Capacity300kg
Shelf Number8+1 Layer
Shelf Size1200*3300*15 mm

Shelf Area52.92m2
Loading Capacity500kg
Shelf Number9+1 Layer
Shelf Size4900*1200*15 mm

Shelf Area105.84m2
Loading Capacity1000kg
Shelf Number18+1 Layer
Shelf Size4900*1200*15 mm

Freeze drying area10.33 m2
Condenser capacity210 kg / batch
Condensers temperature-70 °C
Shelves7 + 1

Freeze drying area14.76 m2
Condenser capacity290 kg / batch
Condensers temperature-70 °C
Shelves10 + 1

Freeze drying area20.63 m2
Condenser capacity410 kg / batch
Condensers temperature-70 °C
Shelves11 + 1

Freeze drying area24.38 m2
Condenser capacity480 kg / batch
Condensers temperature-70 °C
Shelves13 + 1

Freeze drying area29.7 m2
Condenser capacity590 kg / batch
Condensers temperature-70 °C
Shelves11 + 1

Freeze drying area40.5 m2
Condenser capacity800 kg / batch
Condensers temperature-70 °C
Shelves15 + 1