Cooling Incubator CIL 6600

Cooling Incubator CIL 6600 is unique in its process and much reliable as they use Specialized Constant Temperature Equipment which helps in Analyzing of Water and can perform BOD Test also. The design of this incubator facilitates the addition of optional extras to provide greater flexibility for individual use, making it suitable for wide range of applications.

Temperature Range 0~65℃
Display Resolution 0.1 ℃
Temperature Stability High ±0.3℃,Low ±0.5℃
Power Requirement AC220V 50HZ
Ambient Temperature +5~ 30℃
Power Consumption 500W
Internal Dimensions 450*320*500
External Dimensions 560*640*1000
Shelves Spacing 51 mm
Shelves 2 (8) pcs
Timing Range 1~5999min
  • An Easy Accessible Big LCD Screen for Data Display
  • Precise and Reliable Controls for Temperature equipped with PID Micro-Processor
  • Semi-Circular Arcs at Corner to be Cleaned Conveniently
  • Chamber is of Polished Mirror Stainless Steel Material
  • An Adjustable Shelves for Spacing
  • Automated Circulating Fan to Control Speed and avoid Sample Volatilizing due to low-fast speed in experiment
  • The Whole Surface is Sand Blasted which prevents Scratching and makes it easy to Clean
  • For Measurement of Temperature in the chamber there is a Test Hole of 25mm
  • RS485 or USB Connector or Printer can be used to record or print the Parameters and Variations of Temperature
    An Independent Temperature Limiting Alarm System to ensure Experimental Safety

Cooling Incubators are used thoroughly in Scientific Research Institutes, College and Manufacture Department as it an serve for processes like Environment Testing and to preserve Culture Medium, Serum, Medicine and Micro-Organism Training.