Combined Refrigerator and Freezer CRF 4000

Combined Refrigerator and Freezer CRF 4000 have Upper Chamber temperature range of 2?~8?, but differs in Lower Chamber temperature range, where the upper chamber is for refrigeration and lower chamber is for freezing. These are used for cryogenic test on special materials, blood plasma cryopreservation, and low temperature resistance test on biological materials.

Capacity 519L
Upper Chamber Temperature Range 2℃~-8℃
Lower Chamber Temperature Range -10℃~-25℃
Ambient Temperature 16℃~32℃
Refrigerator Insulation Thickness 50mm
Freezer Insulation Thickness 100mm
Rated Power 382W
Input Power 395W
Current Consumption (kWh/24hr) 3.76
Rated Current 2.54A
Upper Chamber Internal Dimensions 750*610*740 mm
Lower Chamber Internal Dimensions 650*560*565 mm
External Dimensions 910*740*1972 mm
Packing Dimensions 990*855*2062 mm
Net Weight 186kg
Gross Weight 205kg
Power Supply AC 220V, 50Hz; AC 110V, 60Hz
  • R600a is the refrigerant used for refrigerator and freezer in this series
  • Freon-free Refrigerant which is environmental friendly and high efficiency compressor are provided for ensuring energy saving and High efficiency
  • Two compressors and separate control of the upper refrigeration chamber and lower freezing chamber
  • Fan-cooling system for upper chamber (refrigerator) and direct cooling for lower chamber (freezer)
  • The internal material is made of stainless steel and external material is SPCC steel with powder coating
  • 1 inch high brightness digital temperature display with 0.1? display precision for indication of operating status and setting temperature based on requirement
  • CFC-free polyurethane foam technology and thicker insulating layer for improving the effect of thermal insulation
  • Equipped with alarm functions, high-ambient alarm, sensor failure alarm, door opening and lock system, door with heater for hot gas surrounding and power failure alarm for sample storage safety
  • Specially equipped with external door handle and padlock to prevent unauthorized opening
  • Cabinet is provided with casters, convenient for movements and placements
  • The interior is equipped with three drawers and four shelves for object storage

Used in research institutions, electronic industry, chemical industry, hospitals, health and disease prevention system, laboratories in colleges and universities, military enterprises etc.